Why we love this mat!

This mat is 100% recyclable and also free from PVC and latex! It’s 10mm thick, this gives your body comfort throughout your Pilates repertoire. This mat is perfect for home or studio use…or even the beach in our case!

A rolled up Align-Pilates Pilates 10mm mat in graphite grey.

You can take your mat anywhere…

Promise yourself 10 minutes of Pilates each day, lie on your mat (think of it as your personal island of movement meditation) and move how your body asks. Let it be intuitive and tailored just for you at that moment. If you’re enjoying yourself, of course, you can stay in this bubble for a long as you need!

A Pilates mat, pair of rotational disks, and a Pilates resistance band laid out on a sandy beach.

Is this Pilates mat perfect for my suitcase?

This mat doesn’t roll up that small, so it’s not ideal if space is a concern. It also weighs about 1.5kg, so weight could be an issue too depending on your allowance.

This is a high-quality and excellent mat for the home and studio, you can even have eyelets added for an extra £1, which can be really convenient for storage.

Why Matwork Pilates?

At Harris Mind and Body (HMB) Teacher Training school we teach our L3 Pilates Mat Teachers (our entry-level qualification in association with AIQ) 117 basic positions and movements – that when put together in various sequences are the building blocks towards Joes 34 Contrology exercises. We also introduce our students to the 34 Contrology exercises but they are not always suitable for all our clients and having a clear understanding of how to break them down, adapt and regress them safely and effectively is an essential skill for any good Pilates Mat Teacher. When our teachers progress to their L4 Pilates award and HMB Advanced Teacher stage we go back to looking at Joes 34 Contrology mat exercises in greater depth.

As Joe said, “Pilates is complete coordination of body mind and spirit”. There are so many levels of understanding that can be applied to anyone Pilates position or exercise, that as long as you are only ever thinking about Pilates whilst you are doing Pilates then you are heading in the right direction. If it’s easy then it’s probably not the correct level of detail for you! It’s not about being better than someone else, it’s a personal journey of movement that involves your mind and body working together and evokes your soul.

We also really love these Trigger Point Massage Balls (RRP £10.99), it’s like giving yourself a deep tissue massage. The grey one is hard, green medium and the blue ball is soft. It can be really great to wake your senses as you prepare for your mat routine.

About the Authors
Sarah & Philip Harris founded Harris Mind & Body in 2006 to provide Physiotherapy & Pilates across West Berkshire. They are a team which specialises in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, with specific interests in chronic back pain, sports injuries and neurological rehabilitation as well as offering Pilates, to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness & health!
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