New video content

Here at Align-Pilates, we’ve been working with a local photographer to give our customers a better experience when purchasing your reformer! We understand that when purchasing a reformer can be challenging during this period due to social distancing, local lockdowns… and not being able to see the reformer up close and personal.

So we wanted to try and make this experience a bit easier by creating videos of each reformer we have to show the different configurations each reformer can have (adding a jump board, half cadillac, etc.) as well as close ups so you can see the fine details that go in each of our reformers.

We have video content for each of our reformers. Our Studio Reformers: A8-Pro, C8-Pro, C2-Pro RC, and M8. As well as our Home Reformers: F2 and H1.

If you’re an Align-Pilates distributor and would like to have a copy of these videos for your website, please email us at and we’ll be happy to provide you with the content.

Head over to our Product Features Playlist on our YouTube channel: @Align Pilates.