Who are Align-Pilates? Founded in 2010, our objective is to bring studio quality Pilates equipment to European & World markets so the studio market can flourish, as it has in North America. Setting up a successful Pilates Studio has always been an exciting prospect, though outside North America the high cost of Pilates equipment has been a significant barrier to the proliferation of Pilates Studios – it’s our mission to change that!


By combining the manufacturing experience of sister company, The Mad Group (whose Pilates-Mad brand has been the UK’s leading mat work equipment brand since 2001), with the extensive Pilates knowledge of its customers, Align-Pilates has created Europe’s own Pilates equipment company. Align-Pilates is pleased to present its latest evolution of Pilates equipment, which blends tried and tested reliability with rapid, customer-led, design refinement.

The Align-Pilates Team in our showroom in Evesham, UK


Align-Pilates’ mission is to bring the extensive benefits of Pilates practice on apparatus to the widest possible audience. Joseph Pilates’ method, originally known as “Contrology” was initially all performed on what Joe called “apparatus”, only later did Pilates matwork appear as a means of making Pilates more accessible. Though the practice of Pilates matwork is excellent in its own right, there is simply no substitute for doing Pilates as it was originally intended – on apparatus!

Outside of North America, where Pilates Studios first flourished, the high cost of Pilates apparatus has limited the proliferation of Pilates Studios and has led to higher class costs, which in turn has reduced the accessibility and availability of Pilates reformer and other Pilates apparatus classes – our aim is to change that!

For Pilates professionals, Studio and Health Clubs Align-Pilates offers commercial grade (EN ISO 20957-1 Class S), innovative Pilates apparatus that offers a fantastic user experience. So what is the Align-Pilates difference? Put simply it is affordability and an unmatched performance/price ratio!  We believe we achieve this without sacrificing quality or, reliability, whilst our machines offer some of the most flexible and adaptable designs on the market. Don’t just take our word for it, come and try the Align-Pilates difference for yourself – the vast majority of those that do, do not look back!


Align-Pilates offers the full range of Studio Pilates apparatus, including four Studio reformer models aluminium and maple wood and in both four and eight wheel designs. These are complimented with both full and half Cadillacs, wall units, combo chairs, ladder barrels, spine correctors, arcs, barrels, sitting boxes and rotational disks all at the most competitive prices in Europe. For those offering Pilates Matwork  we offer a comprehensive range of high quality Pilates mats and mat work accessories for both Studio and home use.

For the home user or, trainee teacher needing to put in extra hours of home practice, Align-Pilates offers a core range of Home Pilates Reformers. These home use machines use many of the key components, from our Studio reformers, such as the music wire springs, to offer a proper reformer experience. Home Pilates reformers are also designed for convenience in storage, coming in either folding or stand up designs.

Jess Ellmer on the C8-Pro Reformer
Jess Ellmer on the A8-Pro Reformer
Jess Ellmer on the A8-Pro Reformer


When it comes to service, we stand alone amongst the Pilates equipment brands in the UK. We hold all of our products in stock, together with an extensive range of spares and accessories in our own warehouses. We offer a complete delivery and install service using our own staff and vehicles and we are open throughout the UK working week to handle your enquiries as and when they arise. These are simple things in themselves but take them away and it can play havoc with the smooth running of your Pilates business!

Align-Pilates Delivery Van


Headquartered in the UK Align-Pilates apparatus is available through local Distributors in over 20 countries. We have a permanent showroom at our UK headquarters in Worcestershire which is open for viewing from Monday to Friday – simply call us on 01386 425922 to make an appointment. 

Many of our International Distributors have showrooms in their respective countries, so you are hopefully never too far away come and experience the Align-Pilates range. Click here to find a distributor near you! If we do not have a Distributor near you Align-Pilates exhibits at a number of key International events in the UK, Europe and Asia, so if you would like to come and find out how Align-Pilates can help you launch or expand your Pilates please get in touch!