Our Mission

Align-Pilates’ apparatus is used by many sports professionals across numerous elite sports, where the benefits of using Pilates apparatus for training and rehabilitation are widely understood. Our mission is to bring the benefits of Pilates practice on equipment, (which is what Joseph Pilates originally offered) to the widest possible audience. We are doing this by driving down the cost of quality Pilates equipment to help the proliferation of commercial Pilates Studios, which have been restricted in many countries due by the high cost of equipment. Similarly, Align-Pilates has developed a range of innovative home Pilates reformers that stand or fold for easy storage, to allow user to bring a genuine Pilates apparatus experience to the comfort of their home or office, which is now easier than ever following the huge expansion in online classes and resources.

What Sets Us Apart?

Put simply it is our unrivalled performance/price ratio! We believe we achieve this without sacrificing quality or, reliability, with apparatus that enjoys some of the most flexible and adaptable designs on the market, including many innovative patented features designed for ease of use and a fantastic user experience.

Our Expertise

By combining the manufacturing experience of sister company, The Mad Group (whose Pilates-Mad brand has been the UK’s leading matwork equipment brand since 2001), with the extensive Pilates knowledge of its customers, Align-Pilates has created Europe’s own Pilates equipment company. Align-Pilates is pleased to present its latest evolution of Pilates equipment, which blends tried and tested reliability with rapid, customer-led, design refinement.

Our Service In The UK

When it comes to service, we stand alone amongst the Pilates equipment brands in the UK. We hold all of our products in stock, together with an extensive range of spares and accessories in our own warehouses. We offer a complete delivery and install service using our own staff and vehicles and we are open throughout the UK working week to handle your enquiries as and when they arise. These are simple things in themselves but take them away and it can play havoc with the smooth running of your Pilates business!

Experience Our Equipment

Headquartered in the UK Align-Pilates apparatus is available through local Distributors in over 20 countries. We have a permanent showroom at our UK headquarters in Worcestershire which is open for viewing from Monday to Friday – simply call us on +44 (0)1386 425 923 to make an appointment.

Many of our International Distributors have showrooms in their respective countries, so you are hopefully never too far away come and experience the Align-Pilates range. Find a distributor near you!