A new era for Pilates in the UK & Europe

Founded in 2010, it is Align-Pilates objective to bring high quality, Studio Pilates equipment to European & World markets so the studio market can flourish, as it has in North America. Setting up a successful Pilates Studio has always been an exciting prospect, though outside North America the high cost of Pilates apparatus has been a significant barrier to the proliferation of Pilates Studios – it’s our mission to change that!

Our Experience

By combining the manufacturing experience of sister company, The Mad Group (whose Pilates-Mad brand has been the UK’s leading mat work equipment brand since 2001), with the extensive Pilates knowledge of its customers, Align-Pilates has created Europe’s own Pilates apparatus company. Align-Pilates is pleased to present its latest evolution of Pilates apparatus, which blends tried and tested reliability with rapid, customer-led, design refinements.

Our Service

When it comes to service, we stand alone amongst the Pilates apparatus brands in the UK. We hold all of our products in stock, together with an extensive range of spares and accessories in our own warehouses. We offer a complete delivery and install service using our own staff and vehicles and we are open throughout the UK working week to handle your enquiries as and when they arise. These are simple things in themselves but take them away and it can play havoc with the smooth running of your Pilates business!

Try Align-Pilates apparatus for yourself in the UK or across the globe!

Of course with Pilates apparatus, there is nothing like experiencing the equipment first hand & finding out what it is really like. We actively encourage visits to our showroom at our UK headquarters which is open for viewing from Monday to Friday – simply call us to make an appointment. We also regularly run open days around the UK, to make it more convenient to try the equipment closer to home.

Align-Pilates has a growing following around the world and we have distributors in; Australia, Republic of Ireland, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, South Korea and Spain, with more being added all the time. You can find the details of our growing list of distributors by following the link on the back cover of the catalogue.

For a fresh perspective on Pilates Studio Equipment, come and experience Align-Pilates