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How many reformers can I get into 1 room with social distancing rules?

So how much difference does it make changing the distance between your machines from pre-CoVid to either 2m or 1.5m Social Distancing? The table below shows the space required for a set quantity of reformers based on a reformer of average 66cm width in a studio using reformers from one wall to the other.

It is clear from the table below that the worst effect is on mid-size studios eg. with 5-8 Reformer Studios losing up to 40% capacity depending on the exact measurements of their room. Larger studios of 10- 12 reformers could lose up to 1/3rd of capacity. The good news is that these reductions are halved when social distancing changes from 2m to 1.5m and go altogether at 1m which is a smaller gap than normally used.

Calculation Example:

  • Quantity of reformer 1:
    • Normal distance: 0.66 (width of reformer) + 1.2 (normal distance) = 1.86m
    • No difference for social distance of 1.5/2m
  • Quantity of reformer 2:
    • Normal distance: 0.66 (width of reformer) + 1.2 (normal distance) + 1.86 (space needed for 1 reformer) = 3.72m
    • Social distance 1.5m: 0.66 + 1.5 + 1.86 = 4.02
    • Social distance 2m: 0.66 + 2 + 1.86 = 4.52

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