Lost your reformer manual? Want to compare our equipment? Need a safety maintenance log? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Align-Pilates Resources library where you can find everything from assembly guides to log sheets, simply select below to be taken to a downloadable link:

Align-Pilates Light Commercial Reformers (A Series, C Series, M Series) Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Align-Pilates Limited Lifetime Warranty

Safety and Maintenance Guides:

Align-Pilates Safety Maintenance Log Sheet Align-Pilates Routine Safety & Maintenance Guide

Comparison and Compatibility Guides:

A2RII vs. C2-Pro Reformer Comparison Guide Series Compatibility Guide for A2 & C1 Series reformers

Pilates Reformer User Manual & Assembly Guides:


M2-Pro Reformer Manual & Assembly Guide


C1-Pro Manual and Assembly Guide  

C1R Manual Addition to C1 Manual  



Pilates Studio Apparatus User Manuals & Guides:

  Align-Pilates A2 Full Cadillac Assembly Guide

Combo Chair II Assembly Guide  

Planking Handles Assembly and User Guide