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Pilates Ring aka Magic Circle – why we love the circle!

Why we love the magic circle! The Magic Circle can support or challenge you within your exercises. It can also help your body understand how to better direct your energy to improve your elongation patterns and improve your organisation of alignment by giving your body feedback in the correct direction to maintain or to move towards, within your Pilates repertoire.

Did you know…? Joseph Pilates the founder of Pilates (although he called the method Contrology) invented the Magic Circle. Legend has it that he was inspired by the rings around a beer keg and his resourceful nature led to his first Magic Circle being made this way.

Common errors of using the Magic Circle… Often it is assumed you need to squeeze the Magic Circle as much as possible but it is more about enhancing your connection to the movement within your own body. You can choose between plastic versions and metal Magic Circles. Often the metal version is a little stronger – both though come with pads on the inside and outside for additional comfort (unlike Joe’s first beer keg version).

Remember! Fundamentals of Pilates: Alignment, Breath, Centring. Principle of Pilates: Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centring, Precision, Flowing Movements. Remembering this in everything we do within our Pilates Practice – is what makes it Pilates!

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