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Pilates Rotational Disks – why we love them!

Why we love the Rotational Discs? These discs are fantastic for developing strength balance and control; we also love how they develop your perception and awareness of alignment. You can use them to measure range of movement and compare your left and right side.

What are they made of? They are made from high quality 18mm marine ply with maple veneer, the rotational disks have three transparent anti-slip strips on the top and two anti-slip pads on the bottom to prevent them sliding on the floor. We love the organic feel of the wood.

We wish they had… Some basic markers on them showing the degree of rotation movement happening within the joint you are working. This would be great for providing feedback to a Pilates teacher and the client on over progress in either movement or stability. It would also make it clearer on balance limitation within certain movement patterns. Having said this we did find a way around this. Ensure you have the discs lined up with the Align Pilates logo equal to one another, this way you can see if some degree of movement has or hasn’t happened – depending on your focus.

These discs help improve our imbalances and overall symmetry. Using these rotational discs help you really concentrate on balance and equilibrium of strength through your body. You can easily feel unwanted movement or see a lack of movement if required.

As Joe said “The Pilates method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy”. These rotational discs really help bring home the strength needed to be fully in control of your body. It is also worth reminding ourselves that Joe called the Pilates method Contrology. So we owe it to him to continue to work on our control of all our movements and these rotational discs are a really helpful and fun prop to develop our greater awareness.

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