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Grip socks to prevent a slip or fall

Falls prevention is an important aspect and wearing grip socks can help prevent a slip and fall. The NHS reports that over 3 million people in the UK are affected by osteoporosis with a large percentage receiving treatment for fragility fractures, as a result of osteoporosis. These are people breaking bones from falling from standing height or less.

Osteoporosis is a slow developing health condition that weakens the bones but because it is often not painful sometimes people don’t know they have it, till they have a fracture. The fracture itself can be very painful with a large short-term impact on your everyday activities till you have recovered.

Losing bones mass that can lead to this weakness/osteoporosis is a normal part of the aging process, women can be affected more than men but it can affect us all due to various factors. To find out more please visit the NHS website.

If you do have osteoporosis please do speak to your Pilates teacher as they will need to alter your programme. Simple changes to help reduce the risk of a fall can be made at home and in the studio environment. Studios often have slippery floors, so grip socks are ideal. Browse through the Toe Sox Grip Collection.

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