Pilates Cadillac

Our Full Pilates Cadillac is the best value Cadillac in Europe! Our Full Cadillac is unrivalled across Europe based on quality and versatility.

This Full Cadillac can be used our Studio reformers and can now be used to convert the C1-Pro or C2-Pro reformers into a Full Cadillac too, as well as the A2 Cadillac Bed to create a Full (static) Cadillac – offering the ultimate versatility for your Pilates Studio and growing business.

The full stainless steel upper frame is superior to standard chromed steel frames, ensuring a long and corrosion free life. The Cadillac Frame is supplied complete with all the required accessories so there are no expensive add-on purchases required.

Full Pilates Cadillac and model demoing use



  • Full stainless steel upper frame
  • Sliding horizontal and vertical cross bars
  • Trapeze with an adjustable sling and padded spring covers
  • Maple roll down bar and one pair of fuzzies
  • Rapid-adjust (6 positions) aluminum swing through bar with quick release safety strap
  • 2 pairs of adjustable sliding eyelets for multiple spring positions
  • 64cm bed height matches the combo chair height for additional exercise possibilities
  • Bonus removable footboard and fold down headrest – worth over £100!

Full Cadillac Frame on C2-Pro Pilates reformer

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