Pilates barrels and boxes are the perfect way to finish your Pilates Studio. They are ideal for adding additional Pilates repertoire to your classes or home exercise plan.

Pilates Ladder Barrel

A ladder barrel offers a range of different options for strengthening, lengthening, or flexibility exercises and is a great addition to any commercial, or home Studio.

Our barrel can easily be adjusted with the sliding base so a range of body sizes and heights can be accommodated.

Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel Mk II

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Pilates Ladder Arc Barrel and Sitting Boxes

Arc barrels are a fantastic way to add an extra dimension to mat work classes and offer various workout possibilities to help improve posture as well as lengthen and strengthen the back and core muscles. Also perfect for assisting rehabilitation clients.

Make sitting or prone exercises that little bit more comfortable on your Pilates reformer with the addition of a Sitting Box. They allow for an increased range of motion when executing exercises.


Pilates Modular Step Barrel & Arc

Step barrels, also known as spine correctors, are an amazing and versatile piece of equipment. The original design created by Joseph Pilates making it an ingenious piece of apparatus – a great way to add an extra level of interest to mat work classes but there are also many exercises which can only be performed using a Step Barrel which offer a full body workout. You can develop a new class for your studio solely around these barrels which we’re sure your clients will love!

The modular step barrel from Align-Pilates (also known as a ‘spine corrector’) adds extensively to the core functionality of the traditional step barrel, which has long been known to help improve posture by lengthening and strengthening the back, feet and shoulder muscles.

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