A Pilates Ladder Barrel is a great addition to any Pilates Studio, or by itself as a stand-alone piece of equipment. The Align-Pilates barrel offers the largest range of adjustment in comparison to other Ladder Barrels on the market as well as free-standing platforms. The Align-Pilates Ladder barrel suits the widest range of body shapes. They allow you to perform forward and backward bends with support, as well as being able to perform specific repertoire to target/isolate the core abdominal muscles, as well as lengthening and strengthening the torso, back, shoulders, and legs.

Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel Mk II

The Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel Mark II features a steel frame for added durability and solid maple ladder rungs. Our barrel remains the most adjustable on the market, offering an unmatched 31cm of travel, both opening and closing more than our competitors for maximum flexibility. Available in a flatpack or pre-built option.


  • Super strong powder coated steel frame for added strength, durability and stability
  • Solid North American Maple ladder rungs
  • Adjustable feet ensure smooth adjustment of the barrel
  • Dimensions when fully built:105cm (H) x 90cm (W) x 135cm (L)

Bonus Extras

  • Two Padded standing boards worth over £100!
  • Delivered fully assembled on a pallet and ready to use

Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel Mark II

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