The Pilates chair, also known as a Wunda Chair, is a wonderful piece of equipment. It is thought that Joseph Pilates invented this chair as his second main piece of Pilates apparatus after having first designed the Cadillac (or Trapeze table) and the third being the Reformer.

The Pilates Chair is designed to challenge and help to develop symmetry and strength in the user as well as being compact enough to be a home gym. It was one of the first pieces of fitness apparatus to be used and stored at home. The Pilates Chair can be very deceptive and thought of as an ‘easy’ workout, but we promise you this piece of equipment can offer an intense workout and it all comes down to the spring resistance settings.

Ideal for both commercial and home studios, this piece of apparatus is a great addition and can also be used for rehabilitation therapy. Available as a pre-built or flat pack option.

Align-Pilates Pilates Chair

Our Pilates Chair offers:

  • Tried and tested 4 spring positions for each spring and 2 spring strengths for a wide range of resistance options
  • Removeable handles which adjust easily via a single ‘twist & pull’ knob offering a handle height range from 115cm to 145cm
  • Split pedals which can also be easily joined together with a locking slider underneath the pedals
  • Rolling wheels allow for easy movement of the chair
  • The ability to add a Jump Board to convert the chair into a high back chair
  • 2 sets of eyelets for use with resistance bands


  • Maple veneered marine ply on steel frame for excellent structural strength
  • Rattle free handles with easy and secure adjustment
  • Large rubber feet prevent trapping fingers under the pedals
  • Single or split pedal functionality
  • Seat height matches that of the Cadillac and A2 rehab reformer.
  • Handles can be used in the reformer Jump Board slots for added exercise options
  • Independently CE tested (EN ISO20957-1) by V-Trust Laboratories (view full report here)
  • CE Test – Attestation of Conformity (view here)

Springs Package:

  • 2x Strong finest nickel plated music wire springs
  • 2 x Extra Strong finest nickel plated music wire springs


  • 64cm (H) x 55cm (W) x 82.5cm (D)

Optional Extras

  • A2 Jump Board – to convert the chair in to a high back chair. This is the standard Jump Board from our A2* reformers so many studios will have one of these already!
  • Resistance bands for use in the 2 sets of eyelets
  • Seat cushion / Balance Pad to add extra comfort to the chair & combine balance exercises
  • You can also use the following springs for arm strengthening workouts – very light, light, medium and strong 47cm with handles. (Please note these cannot be used for pedals on combo chair. Clips and karabiner are not included)

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