Brand new for 2020, we have a selection of Pilates matwork accessories which are ideal for completing your Pilates studio!

Exer-Soft balls, also known as over balls, are great to help support or challenge the user for Pilates exercises. They can help maintain the correct alignment when performing repertoire and can also be used as a visual aid. They are a super popular accessory and must-have for many Pilates teachers/studios! Available in the 7″ (purple) or 9″ (light blue).

Our Pilates blocks are available in 3 different sizes and styles, all unique to their purpose. The smaller and thinner head block can be used for ensuring neck alignment is correct, adding a cushion under the head as well as for micro-adjustments. The larger block can be used for sitting or exercises where a larger surface area is needed, providing a sturdier platform. The medium Pilates block, also known as a foam cushion, is a perfect addition to any fully equipped Pilates Studio or gym. As this block offers 3″, 6″ or 9″ it can be used for numerous exercises and provide many different levels of depth to adjust the level of difficulty of exercises for all clients. 

Pilates soft weighted balls are an ergonomic alternative to a traditional dumbbell or hand weight. They are perfect for Pilates, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, balance training, mobilisation or plyometric exercises. They help to improve functional grip strength and are a more comfortable fit for your hands. The softshell also helps to prevent injury or damage if dropped. Filled with iron sand in a grey design. Available in pairs of 0.5kg, 1kg or 1.5kg.

Pilates Rings, also known as Magic Circles, are commonly used in Pilates to add intensity to floor exercises. The ring’s resistance speeds up toning by targeting specific muscles. Especially useful in problem areas like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, the chest and even the pelvic muscles. Our Pro Edition Pilates Isotoner ring features a double handle design and quality sprung steel rings. We have a 12″ or 14″ ring available for varying difficulty or to suit body type.

We are specialists in Pilates Studio Equipment which means our Pilates mats perfectly balance size vs weight yet offer excellent cushioning and memory. Made from superior quality TPE material which is 100% recyclable, impermeable and hygienic whilst also being free-from PVC and Latex. Available with or without eyelets. 

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