Pilates Wall Tower Set

Our Half Cadillac tower can be converted into a wall tower set with the use of the wall brackets. The tower can be used with or without a reformer to provide flexibility in a busy Pilates studio.

The main advantage of using a wall mounted Pilates Cadillac / trapeze tower is so you can use a reformer which may not be able to accept a tower itself, such as our F1, C1 or C1R models, plus they can be used separately at the same time, e.g. one client using the tower and another using the reformer.

The Half Cadillac frame can be attached to A2 series reformers meaning if you wish to purchase this tower first, then you can always purchase a reformer to fit, should your future requirements change.

Special thanks to Queen St Pilates Studio supplied by Pilates Reformers Australia and Kauppi Sports Centre supplied by Gonsul Oy for studio images.

What’s Included:

  • Stainless Steel frame
  • Maple roll down bar
  • Aluminium push-through-bar with rapid-adjust height changers
  • Quick release safety strap
  • 1 pair of foot straps
  • 1 pair of hand handles
  • 2 pairs of rapid adjust double eyelet spring holders
  • Attachment bracket for the A2R reformer, tools and instructions
  • Wall unit adapter bracket

Spring Package:

Quality nickel plated music wire springs:

  • 2 x 47cm Very Light
  • 2 x 47cm Light
  • 2 x 64cm Light
  • 2 x 64cm Strong
  • 8 Aluminium Carabineer
  • 8 Double snaps

Pilates Wall Tower Set by Align-Pilates

Product details:

  • Dimensions – 190cm (H) x 78cm (W) x 63cm (D). Width between uprights 69cm.
  • Material – Stainless steel
  • Weight – 37.5kg approx

Note: Limited assembly required. Fixings to attach the unit to the wall are not included as these are wall dependent.

Warning: this unit is only suitable for attachment to solid walls and cannot be used on stud walls. We recommend engaging a professional to attach to the wall for best results.

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