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Covers for your Pilates reformer to make sanitising more effective

At Align-Pilates we have a range of covers for your reformer to make it easier, quicker and more effective to clean your equipment after each use while also protecting your reformer from getting damaged from cleaning.

Carriage Covers/Protectors – Consider using a carriage covers to protect the upholstery of your reformer and make cleaning quicker and easier. We have Carriage Protectors for your A2 & A8 Reformers as well as for your C2. Other advantages are:

  • Covers all small recesses, particularly around the head and shoulder rests
  • Protects the original upholstery from damage from cleaning
  • Headrest can still be used
  • Less than 1 minute to attach/remove

Shoulder Rest Cover – The vinyl shoulder rest covers easily slide over any Align-Pilates shoulder rest. The covers remove the problem of cleaning around the back of the shoulder rest, covering up the metal plate that the pad attaches to.

Lastly, we have our Anti-Slip Pads that can be used to protect the head rest and can be cut to size. This again protects your upholstery and avoids the problem of cleaning in the hard to reach areas.

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