Playlist: Basics On Your Pilates Tower

Bending, Rolling, Depressing & Swanning – Pilates Tower

In this series on the Pilates Tower Push Through Bar, we are focusing on your Bending, Rolling, Depressing and Swanning. This exercise is performed by Mbodies on the Align-Pilates Reformer & Full Cadillac combo. Follow along with this video to build up your confidence on the Cadillac whether you are teaching or for your own practice. Great for reformer beginners to learn the basics & technique.

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– 00:04 Swan Prep: On The Box
– 01:18 Swan Prep Purpose
– 02:38 Swan Prep: One Arm
– 03:52 Full Swan
– 05:17 Shoulder Stretch
– 07:56 Shoulder Roll Down + Scissors
– 09:06 Shoulder Roll Down + Bicycle Reverse
– 10:31 Shoulder Roll Down + Bicycle
– 11:58 Shoulder Roll Down: Semi-Circle

Full Pilates Cadillac:

Voice over by Loraine Prokopiou: Loraine qualified as a physiotherapist in 1995 and became interested in Pilates whilst doing a postgraduate muscle balance course. Loraine is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and an Advanced Level 3 Instructor on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). She also has a Master of Science degree in Applied Human Science. Loraine worked for the NHS as an outpatient physiotherapist for 16 years. As well as teaching for Mbodies Training Academy Loraine also now combines physiotherapy and Pilates on a private basis.

This exercise is taught on the Mbodies Reformer Instructor education.
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