Please find below a list of Align-Pilates Ltd patents and intellectual property information. Align-Pilates is a registered trademark in multiple countries including China.

Note: Fuse Ladder is a registered trademark of Fuse360LLC, including in China (National Registration #5117125)

Product Name Patent # & Territory
Pilates Reformers
A2, A2R, A2RII EU 0023708525-0001Grant
A8China 201930679534.1Patent Pending 
A2RII, C1 Pro, C2 Pro, C2 Pro RC, H1, F2,  M2 China M549088Grant
C2 Pro RC, A8, C8, M8GB1916039.9Patent Pending 
C8China 201930679535.XPatent Pending 
M2 ReformerEU 006373155-0003Grant
China 2019303444370Grant
Other apparatus
Combo Chair EU 0023708525-0004Grant
Combo Chair IIEU 006373155-0004
China 2019303444760
Ladder Barrel IIIChina 201930679500.6Patent Pending 
Half CadillacEU 0023708525-0002Grant
Plank HandlesEU 006373155-0001Grant
Step Barrel IIIEU 006373155-0002Grant