Align-Pilates was founded in 2010 with the objective of bringing high-quality Pilates Studio Apparatus to European and World markets in a way that would allow the Studio market to flourish, as it has in North America.

Setting up a successful Pilates Studio has always been an exciting prospect, though outside of North America the prohibitively high cost of Pilates apparatus has been a significant barrier to the proliferation of Pilates Studios – Align-Pilates’ mission is to change that!

Our Pilates Studio apparatus equipment is always evolving so we can provide the very best and latest technology.  A key part of our philosophy is to listen to the feedback we get on our equipment and think about how we can deliver what our clients need.

Part of this can be seen on our Pilates reformer ranges, we endeavour to ensure any new developments are backward compatible so you’re able to update and upgrade your reformer and studio, offering you the ultimate versatility for your Studio.

Another key part is the ability for your reformer and equipment to grow with you, or your business which is why we offer so many great additional options for you to add to your equipment as your needs change.


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Studio Pilates Reformers

Discover our range of Commercial Studio Pilates reformers including our flagship reformer the A2RII and it's more compact version, the C2-Pro.

Home Pilates Reformers

A space-saving and innovative selection of Pilates Reformers designed specifically for the Home Pilates Studio!

Fuse Ladder

Meet the Fuse Ladder, a dynamic new piece of apparatus designed by Fuse Pilates, Washington, D.C.’s most popular Pilates studio. After extensive development in their studio, Fuse Pilates worked with Align-Pilates to create the latest version – complete with quick adjust springs, a padded backboard, movable eyelets and infinite exercise possibilities!

Pilates Barrels + Boxes

Barrels and boxes are a great way to add extra depth and interest to your Pilates mat work classes, or a great prop for reformer classes as well as assisting with rehab clients.