Professional Pilates Equipment

Our professional Pilates reformers offer refined performance designed specifically for commercial studios. With many variations and aluminium frames, our A* & C* series reformers give you flexibility as your studio grows. All of our professional studio reformers come with a comprehensive light commercial warranty. Rated for users up to 150kg in weight. If you would prefer to compare each reformer, please use our easy comparison guide below:


C8 Pro Reformer

Our best-selling C* Series reformers are ideal for studio use. A compact reformer making it ideal for group reformer classes. Extremely flexible in design, stackable, able to free-stand with optional leg extensions, and can accept both Full and Half Cadillac Frame options making it suitable for use in many different studio environments and smaller spaces. Also available in a wood effect aluminium runner.


C2 Pro RC Reformer

The C2 Pro RC model builds on the excellent reputation of our best-selling C2-Pro reformer, with the introduction of our new patent-pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar together with a host of refinements to enhance the machine’s excellent Studio credentials. The C2-Pro RC is stackable and can free-stand, either with the optional new freestanding feet or, if leg extensions are fitted.


A8 Pro Reformer

The A8 Pro is our flagship Studio Pilates reformer. Offering refined performance, extensive adjustability, a luxurious oversize carriage and the longest travel of any standard Pilates reformer on the market! Perfect for commercial use in Studios, Sports Conditioning & Physiotherapy, where it is often used with a Half Cadillac Tower.


M2 Pro Reformer

Designed to marry classical styling with contemporary functionality, the M2-Pro Pilates reformer offers refined performance, whilst offering extensive adjustability, a luxurious oversize carriage and 104cm travel of smooth and silent travel!