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Commercial Reformers by Align-Pilates

Our friends at Revital Studio put together this beautiful video showcasing their Align-Pilates Reformers in their studio – check it out!

The Align-Pilates Studio Pilates Reformers are always evolving so we can provide you with the very best and latest technology. A key part of our philosophy is to listen to the feedback we get on our equipment and think about how we can deliver what our clients need. Part of this can be seen on our Studio Pilates Reformers range. We endeavour to ensure any new developments are backward compatible, so you can update and upgrade your reformer and studio, offering you the ultimate versatility for your Pilates studio.

Our Commercial Reformer line up all feature the new patent pending Rapid Change (RC) Spring Bar where you can adjust the spring bar with one hand in a single action, saving 3 to 11 additional actions. All Studio Pilates Reformers are ISO20957-1 Class S Machines which have light commercial warranties of 27.5 hours per week and a maximum user weight of 150kg.

At the top of the range, the flagship A8-Pro is our largest reformer and is best suited to the sports conditioning & physio markets, and clubs catering to athletes & sports clubs. The A8-Pro is new for 2020 and replaces the A2 Reformer, featuring a host of exciting upgrades.

Some studio owners simply prefer the more classic look of a wooden reformer and to this end Align-Pilates offer the M8-Pro Maple Wood Pilates Reformer. Here we combine contemporary performance with a more classic look so if a wooden reformer is your preference take a look at the M8-Pro.

For the group reformer type studios, or those with less space, the C-Series Reformers are most suitable. These machines are smaller, lighter, and stack & stand easily. There are 2 models of C-Series Reformers, the C2-Pro RC, which is a four-wheel reformer and the C8-Pro Reformer, which is an eight-wheel reformer and essentially a smaller version of the flagship A8-Pro. Both C-Series Reformers share all the same accessories and easily co-exist in the same studio.

Want to compare our Commercial Reformers side by side? Use our Reformer Comparison Tool and compare features, accessories, as well as delivery and assembly here:

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