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Features of the Combo Chair III

The Combo Chair III is latest iteration of Align-Pilates’ popular Wunda Chair by Joseph Pilates. The Pilates chair consists with a cushioned seat, a set of springs, and a foot pedal. The pedals offer versatile usage, allowing users to focus on different muscle groups and perform a variety of workouts that enhance core, upper, and lower body strength, as well as balance and flexibility. It also offers adjustable resistance levels through its springs, providing users with various levels of challenge.

Though looking similar to its predecessor, the Combo Chair III features a number of significant enhancements to refine the smoothness and quietness of operation, taking this chair to new levels. The new features include a new pedal locking mechanism, revised pedal axle with roller bearings, new rubber coated silent spring hooks, and chromed spring tree for improved durability. Available Flat Packed or Built.

Combo Chair III:

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