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How to assemble your C8-Pro Pilates Reformer

Follow along with Scott from Align-Pilates on how to assemble your C8-Pro Pilates Reformer so you can start your Pilates workout in just under an hour!

Our C8-Pro Pilates Reformer can be assembled in just under 1 hour. You can also use our step by step C8-Pro User Manual & Assembly Guide here:

The Align-Pilates C8-Pro is the ultimate C Series reformer, featuring an oversize aluminium profile & foot bar and all new 8 PU wheel carriage system for the quietest and lowest maintenance ride available. Like all 2020 Align-Pilates commercial reformers the C8-Pro features our new patent pending Rapid change (RC) spring bar for the easiest and quickest adjustment on the market.

Many Pilates professionals choose their reformer based on the ride characteristics and the biggest determinant of that is the number and type of wheels. The C8-Pro features 8 wheels which are designed to give a quieter and softer ride. As its easy to store/stack, this is perfect for any Studio looking to save space!

C8-Pro Pilates Reformer:

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