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Rapid Change (RC) Spring Bar – Pilates Reformer

The Rapid Change RC Spring bar is the new patent pending Spring bar from Align-Pilates. A traditional spring bar is used in conjunction with a separate carriage stopper and this can take up to 12 actions to change on a 5 spring reformer.

The RC spring bar features integral carriage stoppers and is adjusted with the springs attached, it can be moved with one hand in a single action saving 3 to 11 additional actions every time you move the spring bar.

The RC spring bar is a game changer in group reformer classes and it also prevents incorrect carriage stopper positions and the possibility of leaving your springs in a stressed position, which will reduce their life and performance.

This RC Spring Bar is demonstrated on the C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer, but is also available on the A8-Pro & C8-Pro.

A8-Pro Pilates Reformer:
C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer:
C8-Pro Pilates Reformer:

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