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How to safely stand your Pilates Reformer

Purchased your Align-Pilates freestanding legs and want to learn how to attach, stand, and lower the reformer safely? Follow along with Scott from Align-Pilates on how to use your freestanding legs!

Adapt your C8 or C2-Pro RC Pilates reformers to freestand. Perfect for those who are looking to save space in your home or studio. Fitting the legs is a simple five-minute job and full instructions are supplied. Please note: These are not required if you have already fitted leg extensions to your reformer. Reformers should be stood up indoors on a firm, flat resilient floors and in areas where they is no chance of them being accessed by children or knocked over by other activities. Reformers are best stood up next to a wall and should never be stood up on loose floor coverings such as rugs.

Freestanding Legs:

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