Pilates Tower + Wall Units

A Pilates Tower Set, Wall Unit with Barre Bar, or a Fuse Ladder, are a perfect addition to your Pilates Studio. Save on space but still provide the option to work with different equipment to your clients, or at home.

Pilates Tower Set

Our Wall Mounted Half Cadillac set can be added to any Align-Pilates reformer meaning you can upgrade your gear with ease plus it can be used as a stand-alone piece of equipment.

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Wall Unit with Barre Bar

Our wall unit provides the same benefits as a Pilates spring wall or springboard, they provide numerous workout options and can also be used for Barre classes.

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Fuse Ladder

A dynamic piece of apparatus the Fuse Ladder, designed by Fuse Pilates – Washington D.C.’s most popular Pilates studio. After extensive development in their studio, Fuse Pilates worked with Align-Pilates to create the latest version.



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