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How to assemble your C8-S Pilates Reformer

Follow along with Scott from Align-Pilates on how to assemble your C8-S Pilates Reformer.

In comparison to the bestselling C8-Pro, which was designed for maximum performance, adaptability, and ease of maintenance, the C8-S is designed to repackage this proven design into a sleeker and more stylish model. In order to achieve clean flowing lines, it integrates the rope risers and standing platform into the frame, while simplifying the legs. For the group reformer studio and the more style-oriented home studio, the C8-S is especially well suited.

The C8-S uses the same carriage, runner profile, running gear and adjustment systems as the C8-Pro, so you can expect the same smooth and silent experience. It can also use the same mattress insert, jump board, and platform extender as existing C-Series models. C8-S has a standard height of 26cm, but it can be raised to 42cm with its almost seamless leg extensions. Using leg extensions, the C8-S can also stand on its own, although in the standard configuration this is not possible.

Unlike the C8-Pro, the frame and legs of the C8-S are not pre-drilled for a Cadillac frame. If you would like to use a Half Cadillac, we also offer a clamp style Half Cadillac bracket, or the reformer can be used with our Wall Mounted Half Cadillac, which actually offers a superior experience as there will be no clanking Half Cadillac springs, or the need to remove them when using the Jump Board. This Wall Mounted Half Cadillac also allows the reformer and half Cadillac to be separated to create two workstations instead of having just one.

The differences between the C8-S and the C8-Pro are: the stainless steel rope risers, 1.5cm less carriage travel (but still an excellent 105cm); very similar but fractionally different Footbar positions; 1.5cm narrower standing platform, white frame, runners and legs; different leg extensions and the inability to have a Full Cadillac attached. On the plus side it looks great and functions beautifully!

C8-S Pilates Reformer:

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