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Jump Board Workout on the Pilates Reformer

Kate testing out her new Jump Board on the Align-Pilates Reformer. Jump Boards are perfect to get a quick cardio workout in! Follow along with Kate or use this to inspire your next workout.

Kate recommends using 2 red springs (heavy), 45-60 seconds per exercise and repeat 3-5 times for a full cardio workout!

Jump Board Exercises:
– 00:04 Left Side Lying Jumps
– 00:26 Double Leg Jumps
– 00:49 Star Fish Jumps
– 01:04 In & Out Jump Squats
– 01:12 Single Leg Bicycle Jumps
– 01:32 Right Side Lying Jumps

Jump Board For A-Series & M1 Pilates Reformers:
Jump Board For C, F & H-Series Pilates Reformers:
Commercial Pilates Reformers:

Video Credit – Kate:

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