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Pilates reformer home workout videos

No doubt with our current climate, it is evident that home workouts have become increasingly popular! With social distancing, studios and gyms closing, local lockdowns… everyone has turned to working out at home.

Tilly Heath is a STOTT trained mat and reformer Pilates instructor. We delivered Tilly her very first Pilates reformer, a brand new C2-Pro RC with our rapid change spring bar, new to us in 2020. Ever since, we’ve been following Tilly’s journey and amazed what she’s done these last couple months. Follow her on Instagram to follow her Pilates reformer journey: @tillypilates

During this time, she’s provided the Pilates community with some great content, offering exercise and workout ideas that our customers love. Need inspiration on reformer exercises? Head over to our YouTube channel: Align-Pilates to watch reformer exercises by Tilly Heath!

We hope you find them useful in finding new exercises and workouts to do on your reformer for you and your clients!

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