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Machine washable/easy wipe down straps for your Pilates reformer

Here at Align-Pilates, we have two strap options to make your reformer safer to use in a world shared with CoVid. It will will at the same time make it easier, quicker and more effective to clean after each use.

BYOE Washable Double Loop Straps – We have taken our standard Silent double loop straps and remade these in neoprene so they can be wiped down much more effectively whilst also being machine washable. These new straps are perfect for BYOE (Bring Your Own Equipment) use and feature an area for your customer to write their name. The straps come with detachable dog clips to allow machine washing and it is easy to attach/detach the straps to the ropes without touching the ropes.

Vinyl Wipe Down Single Loop Straps – This innovative strap was designed in conjunction with Chilli Pilates, London. The extra-long strap is completely covered with vinyl for easy sanitisation between classes. The vinyl covered section extends 30cm beyond the loops so that these can be held instead of the ropes, in exercises were the ropes are normally held. This enables complete disinfection after use. The strap features a single loop handle again for hygiene reasons as the single loop makes sanitisation easy, quick and comprehensive which is much harder to achieve with a double loop.

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