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“We made our studio a socks only studio”

We took this decision about a year ago now and haven’t looked back. We appreciate the holistic approach to doing Pilates bare footed but hygiene in a busy studio is a factor all owners need to consider. Our clients have responded really positively to this change. One client even said “ooh it’s like shoe shopping, Pilates style”. Time to build a new sock draw!

Why we love these socks? We will be honest; it took us a while to get use to the glove like sensation of the ‘full toe’ sock but now we actually prefer them for our Pilates practice. We feel the ‘full toe’ helps us remain mindful of foot and toe alignment throughout our practice.

Why purchase Pilates specific grip socks? Of course ‘grip’ is important, you don’t want to feel as if your foot is slipping away from you within your exercises (well unless the exercise would benefit from such a challenge) but maybe more importantly the ‘full toe’ and ‘grip’ combination allow you to feel better connected to the base beneath you. This sock style encourages you to stretch your toes and open your feet as your earth your energy.

Wearing ‘full toe’ socks help me consider my alignment all the way down to my toes, encouraging me to move as precise as I can.

View the ToeSox Grip Collection and make your studio a sock only studio!

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