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Avoid unnecessary contact with your reformer with these tips

We suggest you revise the way you set up and adjust your reformers to avoid unnecessary contact with the machine by both Studio staff and clients.

Plan ahead! Align-Pilates suggests that reformers are set up as much as possible before a class starts and that if possible only springs and foot bar are adjusted in a class. In Multi Reformer Studios it may be worth considering set up reformers for a variety of heights so that the machines went from smallest on the left to tallest on the right, with the majority of machines set for the average height person. This reduces contact with the machines and reduces set up required by clients on arrival.

Adjusting the Foot Bar – When raising the foot bar only touch the padded bar which is easy on all Align-Pilates reformers. When lowering hold the padded bar and use your foot to the move selector rod. In this way a quick wipe down of the foot bar covers the main contact point.

Adjusting the Spring Bar – As said earlier these are best set up once for the whole class as traditional bars involve lots of contact and so this is best done by the teacher wearing gloves before class. On the new Rapid change spring bars from Align-Pilates these can be moved without removing springs and by adding a couple of zip ties they can be adjusted without touching the Spring bar at all!

Adjusting your Springs – Align-Pilates springs can be adjusted using a disinfectant wipe to avoid direct contact with the springs and reduced cleaning as you do not want to be spraying down your springs as over-wetting them can lead to corrosion.

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