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Long Box & Straps Exercises on the Pilates Reformer

Trying out the long box and straps today to strengthen and lengthen legs. Core, arms, shoulders, and back getting a great workout too!

– 00:00 Leg Pulling Straps:
Focus on keeping core strong to help keep hips and shoulders level as you move. Dynamic stability through the pelvis. Usual single leg resistance, but you may want to start lighter to get the right alignment through your body. Switch glutes on!

– 00:27 Single Leg Crunch:
Same rules as above. Scoop belly button to spine as you crunch in.

– 01:04 Side Line Leg Circles:
Bring opposite elbow down to the box to help stabilise. Great core challenge to stay stable through the torso as the leg moves.

Do the leg work on both sides!

– 01:33 Mid Back on Long Box:
1.5-2 springs. Think about your ab prep position, sliding ribs towards hip to avoid abs doming. Only extend legs if you feel strong and stable enough to do so. Great straighteners for the back, lats and abs!

Warm up well first!!!

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